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Rablab | Case Study

10 May 2021 Author:

INCURSION INTO THE OFFICES OF THE MONTREAL COMPANY RABLAB. Founded in 2016 by Nicolas Rabouille and Jean-Philippe Dauphinais, the company Rablab evolves in the field of digital marketing. The mandates follow one another and very quickly the team grows. The first offices, located in workshops in Hochelaga, were no longer suitable due to the lack […]

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5 Reasons to Consider an Indoor Plant Wall in Your Business

21 January 2021 Author:

We spend much of our time in spaces that disconnect us from nature. Natural analogies (colors, textures) or the surrounding space surrounded by vegetation can compensate for the lack of natural elements, but do not replace them. It is in this context that biophilia, an innate human tendency to seek links with nature and other […]

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Quebec Office Furniture: Discover Groupe Lacasse

18 December 2020 Author:

Since its founding in 1956 by the Lacasse brothers in Saint-Pie, Groupe Lacasse has acquired an enviable reputation: for creating well-thought-out furniture for all types of business and institutional environments. Now with the CEO Sylvain Garneau at its helm, the company is a true flagship of the Quebec industry. A North American leader in high […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Assigned Workstations VS Unassigned Workstations

3 December 2020 Author:

2020 has been a year that has raised many questions about the value of the workplace office. Teleworking has become the norm for many, which opens the reflection on the best way to adapt your workspaces in the face of this trend that will be around for a few more months, and perhaps even longer. […]

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Quebec Office Furniture: Discover Teknion at Focus

19 November 2020 Author:

More than ever, local purchasing is at the heart of our concerns and shapes our daily decisions. In order to promote our precious local partners, Groupe Focus invites you to learn more about Teknion, our main manufacturer and the largest manufacturer of office furniture and architectural partitions in Quebec. For several reasons, Groupe Focus is […]

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Teleworking: What Value Does an Office Have in a Company?

22 October 2020 Author:

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to quickly adapt their habits by switching to teleworking. Workers quickly saw that working remotely has its share of advantages. Work-family balance now seems more accessible for employees as they have been freed from the constraints of office life. They can more easily juggle their various responsibilities on a […]

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