2023 Office Design Trends

We are starting the new year off strong by presenting you the new office design trends for 2023! These trends will undoubtedly grow in popularity over the next few months. We hope they will inspire you and help to optimize your enterprise’s workspace. Keep in mind that your goal should always be to improve the well-being of your team and enterprise as a whole.



As offices are becoming more and more technological, the need to return to our roots is also being felt. You may be thinking about going hiking, planting a garden, or taking a walk in the park to satisfy this need for life; biophilia provides simple solutions 100% adapted to the office life. This type of design brings the benefits of nature inside. It therefore allows for the creation of healthier and happier spaces within the enterprise.

Imagine big windows that let daylight flood the space, colors inspired by nature, and green plants that create a fresh and inspiring work environment. These can be presented in any shape or form!

One of our favorites: plant frames or green walls. They add life to interior design and reconnect office employees with nature. Certain biophilic products are even known to cool down the air in a space and help people feel more alert and calmer.



Since 2020, color has been making a comeback in real estate projects of every kind – 2023 will be no exception! Pantone’s color of the year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, is an audacious and vibrant choice. Black and white remain popular classics, but they are being used less heavily. We no longer hesitate to choose more lively colors in order to create more vibrant and innovative or calm and regenerative spaces.

Whether it is the walls, choice of furnishing, or the integration of artwork, the results are always inspiring. Colors have been gaining in popularity in workspaces around the world for over 10 years, but there has never been such a strong trend in that direction. There are of course limits to respect in the application of this trend, but if it is used in an intelligent and creative way it can create an unmatched atmosphere that will increase employees’ enthusiasm and productivity.

Take a look at Ivanhoé Cambridge’s or Bonduelle Canada’s offices if you aren’t convinced.


Curves are Making a Comeback

Curves are associated with softness and lightness. They are often perceived as more natural or lively shapes than the right angles we are used to. This office design trend creates movement and delicateness in a subtle, almost imperceptible way that is always enjoyed. This year, curves can be found in the furnishing as well as the walls.

As an example, Teknion has perfectly executed this trend with several of their curved designs in the District Power Spine collection. A few weeks ago, the company even added curved partition walls to their Tek Vue series. We love it!

In terms of furnishings adopting this trend, the Quebec enterprise Rouillard proposes great options. Our favorite at the moment: the KOPA stool. It has a Scandinavian look while remaining welcoming, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable.



There is no longer any doubt about it; working remotely and in hybrid mode are here to stay. It’s more than a simple trend, it is now the standard for many enterprises and is something workers are looking for.

Modern office’s workspace and furnishing therefore need to adapt to this reality and favor a connected space. According to the experts, this means the combination of large conference zones in which to organize video meetings, as well as intimate workspaces that facilitate individual or collaborative work with colleagues working remotely. Here is an example of such a space by Rouillard.

Technology allows us to create a bridge connecting every member of the team, wherever they may be. It is important to keep this in mind when deciding on a design for your offices. Whether it is with the help of virtual collaboration tools, vocal AI assistants, or integrated connectivity options for offices, there are many ways in which to use technology to create a welcoming, productive, and human workspace.



Booths provide employees with a private space away from the open spaces in the office that helps with concentration. They are ideal for participating in an online meeting, taking a call without disturbing colleagues, or focusing on urgent tasks free of distractions.

The acoustic properties of these booths are certainly their main advantage. The impact of noise and acoustics on employee’s well-being and productivity cannot be ignored. Booths are a simple, modern, and adaptable solution to this problem.

For example, as well as their acoustic properties, Tek Booth by Teknion brings together technology and ergonomics in these intuitive booths. They include a work surface, electrical outlets, a work lamp with three intensities, as well as a fan; practically everything an employee could need to feel comfortable and connected.


Try these 5 office design trends to attract your current employees to the office and encourage new talent to join the team. If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always ready to guide you in the best choice of office furnishing for your team and organization. You could make a big impact by adopting one or more of these trends in 2023!