Office ergonomics : 3 problems that can be solved !

18 April 2019 Author:

The increase in office ergonomics initiatives by organizations is changing and redefining workspaces. Whether it’s to eliminate the costs related to health problems (and thus end absenteeism …), office ergonomics is a great tool to increase the well being of everyone in the workplace. Here is a list of the 3 most frequently encountered problems office workers face everyday and […]

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How to choose the best office furniture supplier for your project

5 April 2019 Author:

Several factors can prompt a company to rethink its workspace. In every situation, this involves a number of important steps that bring their own set of challenges and opportunities. Change is always a positive experience when it is well managed. Hence, the importance of working with the right people. The notions of human comfort, well-being, […]

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Workplace Wellbeing: Why Invest in It?

21 March 2019 Author:

72% of Canadian organizations offer their employees a workplace wellness program. Only 23% have a comprehensive, integrated & focused strategy on workplace well-being. The trend would seem be on the rise. While yesterday’s employee was neither more nor less than the extension of the machine, today’s employee is now considered an invaluable resource, in which […]

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Laurentian Bank, project overview

14 February 2019 Author:

Just a few months ago, Laurentian Bank completed the move of its new head office to the e-commerce place at 1360 René-Lévesque Boulevard West. As a result, the financial institution becomes one of the major tenants of the LEED Silver certified building by moving 1,400 employees over 10 floors totaling 275,000 square feet. Over the […]

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IMPACTFUL SPACES The power of a space is measured by the impact it creates

17 October 2018 Author:

The impactful spaces we create at Groupe Focus are all about forging a pleasant, productive workplace. We leverage our one-of-a-kind expertise to develop office environments that change people’s lives and take businesses to the next level of their evolution. Spaces that are practical. Different. Business-forward and people-oriented. Spaces that are radically relevant. At Groupe Focus, […]

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