Teleworking: What Value Does an Office Have in a Company?

22 October 2020 Author:

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to quickly adapt their habits by switching to teleworking. Workers quickly saw that working remotely has its share of advantages. Work-family balance now seems more accessible for employees as they have been freed from the constraints of office life. They can more easily juggle their various responsibilities on a […]

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Plan a safe return to the office for your employees in the context of COVID-19

17 September 2020 Author:

For many employees, going back to work means returning to the office after several months of teleworking in the wake of the pandemic that has been raging for the past few months. However, calling back our resources to the office is not something that can be improvised in the situation we are experiencing. We have […]

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How to ensure the well-being of its employees in remote working mode?

3 September 2020 Author:

In recent months, under the pressure of the situation surrounding COVID-19, we have witnessed the standardization of teleworking. Although it has become highly democratized in recent years, some organizations have had to adapt to operating under a new mode of operation, but telework cannot be improvised. New management practices are then required. So, how to […]

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COVID-19: 6 Key Details during an Office Reorganization

20 August 2020 Author:

After several months of confinement, the work environments have been emptied but companies have nevertheless continued to operate remotely. While the reintegration of offices is being done gradually, social distancing and preventive hygiene measures must be considered and respected. Even though daily work can be done from home, office spaces need to be redesigned. Should […]

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Discovering Materials Suitable for COVID-19

6 August 2020 Author:

In this time of COVID-19, businesses are particularly focused on the health of employees and their customers. It is therefore natural that the question of a suitable and secure work environment arise. What materials should be used to limit the spread of the virus and facilitate cleaning of furniture? Since the deconfinement began, companies have […]

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