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Design résimercial: Allier fonctionnalité, bien-être et convivialité

7 March 2024 Author:

L’environnement de travail joue un rôle de plus en plus crucial dans la satisfaction des employés, la productivité et même la rétention du personnel. Une tendance émergente appelée « résimercial » propose une approche novatrice pour repenser les espaces de bureau traditionnels en intégrant des éléments de confort et de convivialité inspirés de l’environnement résidentiel. Explorez comment […]

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Improving Well-Being at Work: WELL Certification and Other Tips

16 February 2024 Author:

Improving well-being at work has become an important objective for enterprises that prioritize the health and happiness of their employees. More than simply physical health, this includes the mental, emotional, and social well-being of each team member. Explore various strategies to improve well-being at work that will also impact productivity and the long-term success of […]

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Les grandes tendances bureaux 2024

22 January 2024 Author:

Au cœur des tendances en aménagement de bureaux se dessinent un paysage dynamique pour l’année 2024. Explorez les aspects clés qui façonnent la conception et l’utilisation des espaces de travail. De l’importance de la durabilité à l’influence grandissante de la technologie, chaque tendance offre une perspective unique sur la création d’un environnement de travail qui […]

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4 Ways to Innovative Your Offices

12 September 2023 Author:

Workspaces have evolved over time to become much more than simply a space in which to carry out our professional activities. We now know that they have a major impact on concentration, productivity, and collaboration within a team; they even influence people’s mood. This article proposes 4 innovative methods to transform your work spaces into […]

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Reinvent your Offices with Teknion’s Architectural Partition Walls

11 July 2023 Author:

When it comes to planning the layout of a modern and functional office, architectural partition walls are a great solution. Among the renowned brands in this field, Teknion stands out by their expertise and commitment to innovation. In partnership with Teknion, Groupe Focus proposes architectural walls of superior quality, adapted to projects of every size. […]

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The influence of colors on your team

26 June 2023 Author:

Working from home has become common practice, but that doesn’t mean the office has lost its value and importance in our professional lives. In order to stand out from your competitors and attract the best candidates, it is crucial to make your offices attractive and stimulating. The use of colors can help you reach this […]

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