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Reinvent your Offices with Teknion’s Architectural Partition Walls

11 July 2023 Author:

When it comes to planning the layout of a modern and functional office, architectural partition walls are a great solution. Among the renowned brands in this field, Teknion stands out by their expertise and commitment to innovation. In partnership with Teknion, Groupe Focus proposes architectural walls of superior quality, adapted to projects of every size. […]

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The influence of colors on your team

26 June 2023 Author:

Working from home has become common practice, but that doesn’t mean the office has lost its value and importance in our professional lives. In order to stand out from your competitors and attract the best candidates, it is crucial to make your offices attractive and stimulating. The use of colors can help you reach this […]

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How to create a regenerative workplace

25 May 2023 Author:

As more and more employees prefer to work remotely, the role of the office in an enterprise needs to be rethought. How can employees’ needs be met? How can you provide them with a useful and relevant experience that they don’t have at home? You need a flexible and personalized solution: the regenerative workplace. According […]

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Regenerative Workplace: what, why, and how?

28 June 2022 Author:

After months of working from home and finaly returning to the office, employees’ expectations in terms of health and well-being at work have changed. Quite rightly, the value of an office space for an enterprise is regularly put into question. Faced with this new reality, employers have to evaluate their employees’ needs, rethink their space […]

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Returning to the Office: The Impact of Acoustics in the Workplace

6 January 2022 Author:

Many people were impatiently awaiting the office return and now it’s time to come up with a plan! We are discovering the advantages and disadvantages of Open-Plan offices and having colleagues right next to one another. We are also discovering certain distractions and noises that have been forgotten since teleworking. Discussions, phone calls, video calls, […]

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