Why and How you Should Build a Terrasse for your Enterprise

Building a terrasse for your enterprise has become an indispensable trend in today’s professional world. This extension of the workplace provides many advantages, both for employees as well as for the enterprise as a whole. Discover 5 reasons to start thinking about setting up a terrasse area for your enterprise.

5 Reasons to Build a Terrasse for your Enterprise

1. Increase Productivity

When it is properly set up, a terrasse is not only a pleasant outdoor area, but also the perfect environment for reflection and productivity. By allowing your employees to work outdoors, surrounded by greenery and natural light, you are creating a change of environment that is beneficial to creativity and concentration.

A terrasse can become the ideal location for informal meetings or brainstorming. Exchanges that take place in a relaxed and natural setting can often lead to new ideas and creative solutions. It is an opportunity to energize your team and stimulate overall productivity.

2. Increase Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is a key factor in the overall performance of any organization. With this in mind, a terrasse provides employees with a place to relax and re-energize, as well as a temporary escape from the traditional work environment. Exposure to natural light, fresh air, and the connection with nature are beneficial to the mental and physical health of employees. Everyone can get their dose of Vitamin D! (There’s a reason why biophilia is more and more trendy!)

Studies have shown that access to outdoor areas during work hours can reduce stress, improve the mood, and increase energy levels of employees. By prioritizing a better balance, a terrasse in your enterprise will contribute to creating a healthier and more fulfilling work environment. It is a big step towards a regenerative workplace.

3. Encourage Communication and Exchange

Employees can get together, discuss, and exchange ideas on the terrasse outside of the traditional “office”. This encourages interpersonal communication, strengthens team spirit, and contributes to an open organizational culture and internal community. Informal discussions on the terrasse can also lead to synergies between various departments and a better understanding of the enterprise’s challenges and opportunities.

Furthermore, a terrasse is also the perfect location for team-building activities, coaching sessions, or various other activities. These moments help to foster a climate of trust, camaraderie, and cooperation within an enterprise.

4. Create the Ideal Location for Get-togethers

Terrasses in enterprises are often used for social events such as cocktail hours, receptions, or other celebrations. It is the perfect place to encourage networking, strengthen professional relationships, and provide employees with a moment of relaxation or camaraderie after work. These events contribute to strengthening team spirit, creating strong interpersonal connections, and promoting a convivial and inclusive organizational culture.

Terrasses are also a great location to meet with clients, business partners, or prospects in a more relaxed setting. This can improve professional exchanges and strengthen business relationships.

5. Reinforce Brand Image

Setting up a terrasse for your enterprise sends a strong message about your company’s commitment towards the happiness and wellbeing of its employees. This reinforces your enterprise’s brand image as an attentive employer who cares about the wellbeing of its personnel. A well-designed terrasse can also become a distinctive element of your enterprise’s visual identity, improving its reputation on the job market.

Furthermore, a terrasse can be used for corporate events, outdoor seminars, or client presentations. It can be a symbol of innovation, creativity, and openness, improving your positioning on the market and your ability to attract and retain talent.

How to Properly Set Up a Terrasse for your Enterprise

1. Evaluate the Needs and Uses

Before getting started, it is essential to evaluate your enterprise’s needs and uses for the terrasse. Is it mainly an outdoor work area, a relaxation area for the team, or an area for social and professional events? Is it a combination of several uses? Answering these questions will allow you to define zones and design your terrasse accordingly.

2. Create Functionnal Spaces

A well-designed terrasse must include a variety of functional spaces to answer to all of your organization’s needs. This can include work zones with tables and comfortable chairs, relaxation areas with benches or lounge chairs, as well as covered areas for rainy or very sunny days.

3. Optimize Comfort and Practicality

Make sure the furniture and equipment you choose for your terrasse are comfortable, ergonomic, and adapted to use outside. Parasols or canopies can be added to provide shade, live plants can be used to add a touch of greenery, and appropriate lighting can extend the use of the terrasse in the evenings.

4. Prioritize Safety and Wellbeing

The safety of your employees is of top priority. If needed, ensure that the terrasse is secured with railings, non-skid surfaces, and security measures appropriate to the space. Also make sure to integrate elements that improve wellbeing, such as green spaces, drinking fountains, or zones for meditation and relaxation.

By improving productivity, wellbeing, communication, social events, and brand image, a terrasse becomes a strategic investment that contributes to creating a dynamic and inspiring work environment that drives collective achievements.

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