4 Ways to Innovative Your Offices

Workspaces have evolved over time to become much more than simply a space in which to carry out our professional activities. We now know that they have a major impact on concentration, productivity, and collaboration within a team; they even influence people’s mood. This article proposes 4 innovative methods to transform your work spaces into stimulating and efficient environments. Let’s discover together how 4 Quebec enterprises have chosen to make their offices innovative.

1.Dare to Use Black

The interior design of offices isn’t limited to traditional colors anymore. White, beige, blue…Get off the beaten path. Dare to make bold choices like using black! This color allows the creation of varied and unique atmospheres. It is an ideal way in which to have rich and contemporary workspaces. It adds a touch of elegance while improving concentration. The color black inspires reflection, concentration, and encourages individual expression. It creates a feeling of modernity while preserving a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

An inspiring example of this is Groupe Vertdure’s new office project, created by Maison Nyckel, where the use of black has been incorporated successfully in order to create a distinctive, calming, and professional environment.

Daring to use black means diving head first into a new era of innovative offices. Black is more than a color, it is a symbol of creativity and sophistication. Workspaces can easily embrace this bold trend in their design by incorporating black accent walls and contemporary furniture. This innovative approach transcends conventions. Daring to use black means pushing back against traditional limitations and creating avant-garde work environments.

2. Embrace Curves

In the mission to create innovative offices, embracing curves is a must. The trends in office design are constantly evolving, and presently, curves are the way to go. In order to create innovative offices, curves can be integrated into the furniture, light fixtures, and even walls with the help of architectural partitions. These fluid and organic lines can be added anywhere to improve your décor.

Curves bring a feeling of openness and fluidity, inspiring creativity and communication. This is why the Cimaise chose this approach for Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur’s offices. Even the simplest spaces become more charming and human.

The fact is that curved walls and furniture with rounded shapes redefine both the functional aspect as well as the aesthetic aspect of a room. Curves encourage interaction and provide fluid circulation. They break the rigid traditional barriers to create a dynamic environment that breathes harmony and originality.

3. Focus on Collaborative Spaces

Innovative offices are now evolving to prioritize spaces dedicated to collaboration. More than a simple trend, it is a new philosophy that guides workspace design. However, the balance between individual workspaces and collaborative spaces is crucial in order to promote interaction and innovation within your team. The addition of collaborative spaces must be state-of-the-art in order to ensure adequate soundproofing. It has been proven that too much noise can negatively impact comfort and concentration, which then has a direct impact on global productivity and well-being at work. The acoustics therefore definitely have to be taken into account.

An excellent example is the project carried out for Bonduelle by Lemay, where the creation of dynamic collaborative spaces has improved communication between employees. The partitions can be removed to create open and versatile zones for informal exchanges and collective creativity. Inspiring lounge areas, comfortable living rooms, modular meeting rooms… every corner becomes an opportunity for cooperation.

This approach works well with unassigned work posts. It is a clever solution for mobile employees or employees with a hybrid work schedule. Design your spaces wisely to ensure flexibility without compromising comfort or productivity. In the end, this way of working favors agility, motivation, and social relationships between employees, creating a stronger team. It can be a motor of dynamism and productivity within an enterprise.

4. Add a Touch of Color

In order to add some energy, colors can be included in several ways. One way that is too often overlooked is through your furniture. A well-chosen piece can become an artistic element, bringing an adventurous energy to the workspace. Offices no longer need to be monotone, and have instead become a form of individual or collective expression.

This is what Folio Design decided to do for Astek’s offices. Chairs, couches, “phone booth” style cubicles… the vibrant furniture completely transforms the aesthetic of the office while providing a modern and inspiring visual experience. All of these elements add a welcome touch of color to the space.

The choice of colors must however be made according to the objective and atmosphere of each space. Take into account the objective of the space and the people who will use it. The influence of colors on mood and mental state has been proven time and time again. For example, bright colors stimulate creativity, make the atmosphere livelier, and reflect the diversity of ideas. Cold colors reflect freshness, calm, and tranquility. Pastel colors provide a light and subtle atmosphere that can evoke softness, innocence, and tranquility.

Finally, by embracing bold concepts you will break through traditional conventions and pave the way for atmospheres that inspire originality and reflection. The layout of an office is no longer limited to functional furniture. It is an occasion to tell a story, reflect the culture of your enterprise, and provide spaces that incite collaboration and personal development. The harmony between design, functionality, and comfort is the key for innovative and regenerative offices that motivate and bring your team together. Come and share your ideas with us!