The influence of colors on your team

Working from home has become common practice, but that doesn’t mean the office has lost its value and importance in our professional lives. In order to stand out from your competitors and attract the best candidates, it is crucial to make your offices attractive and stimulating. The use of colors can help you reach this objective.

Color, much more than a trend

Among all the 2023 trends in office design, colors play a particularly important role. Color psychology has been used in marketing and to attract clients for years; this practice is now becoming more and more common in human resources.

By understanding the psychological impact of different colors and using them strategically in the workplace, you can create a positive environment for your employees, improve the well-being of your team, and increase productivity. The correct use of colors can also help create a sense of belonging, strengthen team spirit, and encourage innovation. With its infinite possibilities, the importance of colors in office design cannot be overlooked.

Which color to choose for your office

When selecting a color for your enterprise’s office, it is important to take the effect that a color can have on one’s mood and productivity into account; it isn’t simply a question of aesthetics.

Choose a color for an accent wall or colorful office furniture, but use it sparingly. Consider the use and atmosphere of the room before choosing your colors.

Warm Colors

Bright colors such as yellow, orange, and red convey energy and creativity. This makes them an excellent choice for brainstorming areas or areas used for collaboration.

Cold Colors

Cold or soft colors such as blue or green have a calming effect which can be beneficial for reflection and concentration. Blue is the color of humility and stability. It is the color most appreciated by the public in general.

Achromatic Colors

White, beige, gray, and black are the most used colors in offices. These sober colors seem to fit anywhere, but can quickly become sad or boring. They therefore need to be used wisely.

Pastel Colors

The use of pastel colors in office decoration can add a touch of subtlety and delicateness. These colors are known to calm the mind and avoid excessive agitation. Pastel tones are an excellent choice for office decoration because of their versatility; they fit well with both classic and modern designs.

For a Regenerative Workplace

Here are a few combinations to inspire you:

  • Bright blue and light yellow: blue is a calming and serene color, while yellow is associated with dynamism and optimism. This combination can be particularly effective in offices where it is important to prioritize concentration and productivity while providing a pleasant work atmosphere.
  • Light gray and deep violet: the gray can help create a sense of calm and tranquility, while violet is associated with creativity.
  • Off-white and green: the white provides a feeling of cleanliness and simplicity, while the green brings a touch of nature and freshness. (Why not include the color green through the addition of plants, biophilic products, or plant frames?)
  • Pastel pink and medium gray: pastel pink is a soft and calming color which can be paired successfully with gray in order to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

These examples are just suggestions. It is important to take the culture of your enterprise, the type of work that is done, and your personal preferences into account during the selection of the colors you will use to decorate your office.

Think about your Accent Colors

Rather than painting entire walls with a vibrant but overpowering color, consider accent colors and accessories. This will allow you to vary your decoration and not overcharge the space.

  • Colored office furniture is an excellent way of adding color. You could go for colorful chairs, side tables, phone booths, or couches to bring a touch of energy to the space.
  • Office accessories such as briefcases, pen holders, mousepads, and wastepaper baskets can also be a fun a simple way to add color to the space.
  • Colored acoustic tiles are an interesting way of simultaneously improving aesthetic and acoustics.
  • Plants and biophilic products are must-haves to add a touch of greenery and color to workspaces. You could go for plants with colorful leaves or flowers for a natural splash of color.

Finally, colors greatly influence a number of aspects of office life. We are all unconsciously influenced by them. When used correctly, they can increase productivity, well-being, and concentration.

It is therefore important to choose the right colors for your office, according to the atmosphere you want to create and the effects you want to obtain. By using colors wisely, you can contribute to a better quality of life at work for your employees and yourself.

Talk about it with one of our experts or discover more trends in office design.