5 Reasons to Consider an Indoor Plant Wall in Your Business

We spend much of our time in spaces that disconnect us from nature. Natural analogies (colors, textures) or the surrounding space surrounded by vegetation can compensate for the lack of natural elements, but do not replace them. It is in this context that biophilia, an innate human tendency to seek links with nature and other forms of life, is gradually taking root in the world of work. The integration of biophilia is becoming a major asset in the corporate culture and thus takes on its full meaning in terms of office design.

Why consider biophilia when designing your business space?

  1. The first observation which is essential is the indispensable need of the human being to get closer to nature. Reconnecting with nature is a growing need: in cities, in our plate, in our heads, so why not in the office? Essential for the mind, it is important to return to the essential and to what is good for us. Most workers live in urban or peri-urban areas, whereas only a short time ago, in the 19th century, man spent most of his working life outside and in contact with nature…
  2. Biophily uses the sense of sight, but also the other senses, such as smell, touch and other sensory stimuli. Awakening the senses revitalizes the human being and allows him to increase his concentration capacities, according to a study carried out by Humanspace.
  3. Unsurprisingly, the presence of natural elements such as specific green plants, will greatly help to purify the air.
  4. The feeling of relief that plants bring allows a reduction in stress and nervous tension, by providing a feeling of well-being and therefore implies a decrease in absenteeism.
  5. The natural elements present in a work environment, would develop the creativity of the employee and thus, an increase in creative potential of 15%.

How to reconnect with nature through office design.

Biophilia can be explored in many ways within the work space. For example by :

  • Shapes, textures, patterns
  • The colors: the colors, green, brown, beige
  • Raw materials such as wood, earth, water
  • Variations in light and why not acoustic reverberations or changes in temperature
  • The creation of community gardens and the establishment of beehives
  • And of course by plants, and with the help of vegetated walls.

Biocanvas by Nevins

Biophilic design, an interesting avenue

Until the 1990s, the workplace had to be, above all, a functional place. From now on, the office is much more than that, it is a place to live, share, exchange, train…. And the design of office facilities must be in line with this evolution.

At Groupe Focus, when designing business spaces, we pay particular attention to well-being. For us, it is essential that employees feel at ease in their environment. Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with the best in manufacturing partners. To integrate biophily in the layouts we specify, we have turned to Navaa and Nevins products, among others, which easily and splendidly enhance the space and reconnect the sometimes austere office environment with nature.

Naava’s green walls, available through an alliance with Teknion, allow workers to reconnect with nature, creating healthy, joyful and inspiring workspaces. More than just beautiful living walls, they purify indoor air, reduce hazardous chemicals and optimize humidity levels – scientifically proven. They also serve as natural, efficient partitions that bring the benefits of nature indoors while contributing to WELL certification. Easily mobile and available in several finishes and formats, Naava green walls are a real favourite!

Indoor plant waal by Naava

In the same way, Nevins’ Biocanvas collection is an interesting avenue to sublimate a wall or divide a room with the help of self-supporting or non-supporting frames, made up of interchangeable panels and dressed with natural materials such as moss with acoustic properties harvested from northern European forests, poplar bark and stone, thus allowing an infinite number of possibilities.

So many avenues to be explored to diversify spaces and bring a touch of natural elements to the heart of our work environments, and that will certainly make the employees occupying these spaces very happy! For more information on our available biophilia products, we invite you to contact one of our experts today!