Stimulating Work Environment: A Must For Your SME!

The average work environment does not reflect the real needs of employees in their day-to-day. Successful office design, coupled with a strong organizational culture, would promote employee productivity and well-being, and thus be intimately linked to an organization’s success. Here are some good reasons to provide your employees with an environment and workspaces out of the ordinary.



An attractive culture, well thought out office layouts. Just as many parameters to consider and that will give a boost of energy to your resources and an effervescent atmosphere. In fact, the health of employees (and therefore the costs inherent in absenteeism) are directly related to the characteristics of the workplace (work climate, physical environment, etc.).



A stimulating work environment would facilitate the retention of talent and increase the attractiveness of companies. Henceforth, Generation Y and Z candidates are no longer content to shop around for a decent paycheck but place a critical importance to the environment where they will spend 55% of their time.


A stimulating, healthy, dynamic and positive work space is therefore essential to stand out and survive at a time with a significant labor shortage, and the competition is fierce: Organizations that place employees at the heart of their culture are more successful than others.



A stimulating work environment would influence the degree of creativity and thus be conducive to the emergence of innovative ideas.



It is quite possible and within everyone’s reach to transform a work environment, whether by small gestures or more complex measures. For example, simply inspired by Well’s trends:


  • Favor open and fenestrated spaces to promote access to natural light.
  • Integrate biophilia by installing a green wall or renting plants. According to a study conducted by Human Spaces, employees working in office environments with natural elements such as plants and natural lighting report a 15% increase in their feeling of well-being, are more productive by 6% and are more creative by 15%. So, why deprive yourself?
  • Promote ergonomic workstations, and purchase some specialized accessories (monitor arms, quality office chairs …)
  • Bring acoustic comfort by installing sound-masking solutions
  • Stimulate psychological health, creativity and innovation, through the design and aesthetics of places
  • Provide water points, easy to access (water troughs, jugs of water …)
  • Encourage physical activity by emphasizing standing, whether by purchasing height-adjustable tables or simply by holding short standing meetings.
  • Offer a variety of spaces adapted to different kind of work : public, semi-private or private workspaces offer the employee as many opportunities: through the possibility of retiring to a workplace that is conducive to concentration or a more user-friendly room such as a cafeteria for a less formal meeting and focused on a more collaborative way of working. A rest room with lounge-style furniture will allow employees to relax and disconnect from stressors for a few moments.




This list is non-exhaustive and represents only a small part of possibilities to create stimulating and unusual working environments.


Surround yourself with professionals to find the best avenue for your organization: At Groupe Focus, our teams have the most complete expertise and knowledge to support you in creating stimulating workspaces that will drive your business to success!