Regenerative Workplace: what, why, and how?

After months of working from home and finaly returning to the office, employees’ expectations in terms of health and well-being at work have changed. Quite rightly, the value of an office space for an enterprise is regularly put into question. Faced with this new reality, employers have to evaluate their employees’ needs, rethink their space accordingly, and propose a regenerative workplace to their team. But what is a “regenerative workplace”?


Definition and Origin

We owe the concept to the French society JLL. They first defined the idea of a regenerative workplace last November: “a resource space at collaborators’ disposal, an oasis where each person can go to resynchronize with their enterprise, unwind, and re-energize.”

A regenerative workplace therefore consists of a rejuvenating work environment where you can build your strength. It allows employers to take care of their employees, suggest moments and places where the employee can feel good and recharge during the work day.

The regenerative workplace was created following the emergence of a new culture of well-being that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Well-being in the workplace is no longer simply a question of health and safety; we now realize that it plays a key role in employee recruitment, retention, and productivity. A regenerative workplace helps to create the conditions of a resilient and performant organization.

Project: Essilor  /  Designer: Conceptum  /  Photographer: Phil Bernard


Why Propose a Regenerative Workplace?

After many months working from home, some employees are happy to finally return to the office. For others, the idea doesn’t particularly interest them. Remote work provided them comfort and freedom they don’t want to lose. A regenerative workplace will enchant employees who are already looking forward to returning, and will surely motivate those who aren’t convinced through its advantages, comfort, and versatility.

Synonymous of Health and Well-being

The concept of a regenerative workplace targets employees’ holistic well-being. Mental health, physical health, and social health are all taken into consideration in the space’s design. This new vision of the workplace allows employers to resolve and monitor numerous sources of problems (ex: isolation, feelings of exclusion, work life balance, etc.).

According to JLL, 64% of employees would like to be able to share their difficulties and concerns freely and have better psychological support in these moments of vulnerability. Therefore, the regenerative workplace’s objective is to first develop each individual’s feelings of safety and satisfaction. This creates a solid foundation for the development of a sense of accomplishment.

A Durable Performance Promoter

Better mental, physical, and social health for the members of a team are essential components of the resilience and performance of an enterprise. A healthy, safe, and satisfied employee will always be more motivated and efficient.

Well-thought-out and pleasant spaces create the necessary conditions for durable performance. Your offices should have numerous qualities in order to meet the various needs of the organization and its employees.

  • Comfort and acoustic
  • Safety and ergonomics
  • Versatility and variety
  • Adaptability and flexibility

Project: Fiera Financement  /  Designer: VAD  /  Photographer: Phil Bernard

How to do it

There is not only one format of regenerative workplace. It could include a lounge-style work space to read documents while enjoying a coffee, private cubicles in which to take a call away from the rest of the office, unconventional meeting areas, collaboration rooms equipped with video conference technology, and much more. Several furniture dispositions are provided for different uses. The variety and versatility of the spaces is essential in order to meet employees’ different needs.

Each organization’s regenerative workplace varies according to its collaborators, the nature of their work, as well as their individual and collective needs. The secret? Being flexible and open-minded.

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep in mind that your collaborators are your priority, your greatest advantage.
  • Listen to your collaborators: they will tell you the conditions in which they can give the best of themselves.
  • Integrate the benefits of remote work.
  • Make your office a space for your employees, a space that caters to each individual.
  • Create a culture of responsibility around health and well-being in your enterprise.
Station Fintech - VAD - Phil Bernard

Project: Station Fintech  /  Designer: VAD  /  Photographer: Phil Bernard

The return to the office is the perfect opportunity to rethink your spaces and make sure you provide the best for your team. You will quickly notice the benefits on health, productivity, and general work atmosphere. We would love to collaborate with you! Contact one of our experts today!