Groupe Focus Turns 30!

Groupe Focus turned 30 on August 3 rd , 2022. Three decades filled with projects and challenges of every kind. We celebrated this great accomplishment at our head office in Varennes, which was transformed for the event. The whole team got together last October 6th for a big birthday party!

A Long-Awaited Gathering

The evening was even more special because it was the first event to bring the whole team together since the pandemic. Everybody was very happy to see each other and be under the same roof. We caught up with what has been going on in our lives, discussed, exchanged, and laughed; a real family party!

Highlighting our history

So many things have happened in the last 30 years, and who doesn’t take advantage of their birthday to take a walk down memory lane? Focus was no exception.

Robert Lacoste, one of the enterprise’s founders, started the festivities by recounting how Groupe Focus was created in 1992. Stephane Lemieux and Anthony Simon then continued by telling the story of how they met and their first experience working in furniture.

Believe it or not, they have known each other since adolescence! They sold furniture and patio supplies together for a summer. Over the course of these 4 or 5 months, they only sold one parasol… Thankfully for them, their business acumen has improved over the years! As a nod to their humble beginnings, we offered them each a “Groupe Focus” parasol!

Teamwork at the Forefront

The evening continued with a conference by Maxime Talbot, former professional hockey player, on the importance of teamwork. As he explained, whether it is in hockey or an enterprise, being part of a team means the same thing. Each player is important and everyone wins by participating.

We then put our team spirit to good use by collaborating on a collective painting. It was a surprise activity prepared with Urbania gallery and the painter Nathalie Bruggeman. Nathalie was present to guide us in the creation of our work of art. All the members of the team had the chance to add their personal touch to the painting.

A Special Thank You to our Clients

If we are celebrating our 30 th this year, it is largely due to our clients. It is an honour to participate in your projects and play a role in the creation of your spaces and daily activities. It has been 30 years of challenges, growth, and change; they have allowed us to become the helpful experts we are today. Since 1992, we have provided you with an unmatched level of service, a constantly evolving portfolio of products, and exceptional operational performance. Rest assured; we have no intention of stopping anytime soon!

As with any birthday party, the evening ended with a table filled with cakes and desserts. We raised our glasses to Groupe Focus and sang “Happy Birthday Focus” all together, as a family. It was a wonderful event that highlighted Groupe Focus’s history, accomplishments, and passion.

Here’s to our 30 years as we continue to create impactful spaces!