Communauté F.: a place to connect created by Groupe Focus

With over 30 years’ experience under the belt, Groupe Focus knows that strong interpersonal relationships based on trust make all the difference in business. With this in mind, we’ve created the “Communauté F.”, a private Facebook group dedicated to our team. Immerse yourself with us in the world of the Communauté F. and discover how it contributes to strengthening our bonds and furthering the thriving corporate culture at Groupe Focus.

The creation of the Communauté F.

The genesis of the Communauté F. can be traced back to a time when the whole world was faced with an unprecedented pandemic. Organizations in all fields had to adapt quickly. At Groupe Focus, we understood the importance of maintaining links between our teams, whether they work in Varennes, Boisbriand, Quebec City or at home. That’s how this group was born.

We wanted team members to feel connected to each other and to the company as a whole.

« The Communauté F. is OUR community. The place where we can share small and big prides, where we can share our daily lives and learn to know each other differently. Discover common passions, from running, to cooking, to traveling, without forgetting photos of our dogs, cats, mice, children! It’s sometimes a virtual place, sometimes a way to motivate each other with a common goal, but above all, a gathering of people who love Focus and who are part of the same family! The Focus family» – Alexandra Dubé

Priority to well-being at work

Well-being at work is about much more than productivity and getting things done. It’s about the physical, emotional and mental health of employees in their working environment. It is characterized by a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment at work, where employees feel valued, respected and supported in their personal and professional needs. It also encompasses a sense of inclusion and connection within the team.

This is what we aim to encourage through the Communauté F. It’s not an online workgroup; on this page, we don’t share professional discussions. You’ll find photos of our vacations, sporting challenges for the more adventurous, sharing of our favorite addresses, and even pictures of our children and four-legged companions.

In short, it’s a place to exchange and share little bits of our lives as human beings, beyond our professional roles.

« For me, it is a place of connection with my colleagues where the Focus vibe continues to live and circulate. I believe that among younger people, the feeling of belonging can be more difficult to recreate in the office, but they communicate a lot with their different virtual communities. I believe it is important for a company to reach its members through this platform.» – Carolane Lapointe

More connections

Let’s face it, we love remote working, but distance can be hard to overcome. With this in mind, the Communauté F. helps us to deconstruct interdepartmental silos and encourage connections between all team members. We get to know each other better. This knowledge strengthens our team spirit and collaboration.

This is even more apparent between different departments and teams, or with new collaborators and colleagues. Interaction within the group transcends hierarchies and departments, creating an atmosphere where everyone is listened to and respected. New employees are warmly welcomed, and connections between colleagues are strengthened.

« For me, Communauté F. is a virtual space where we share, among colleagues, small parts of our lives while maintaining a link with work. A space conducive to exchanges and which aims to bring people together » – Geneviève Blais

A lasting commitment

The Communauté F. is a reflection of the corporate culture at Groupe Focus. The values of respect, collaboration, integrity and agility that guide us find their place within this group. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported, because we know that Groupe Focus would be nothing without these creative and emphatic individuals. To succeed in the professional world, it’s not enough just to work together, but also to grow together.

Our community continues to evolve and grow according to the needs and desires of the team. Each new person is invited to add their color and share their vision, passions and accomplishments. It’s a fundamentally positive and inclusive place that Groupe Focus is proud to nurture. It’s a reflection of our commitment to each team member, our corporate culture and our shared vision.

If this sounds like you, come and build your career with us!