Our Involvement with Make-A-Wish Continues!

At Groupe Focus, we believe in the importance of giving back to the community and supporting causes that have a positive impact on the lives of others. Since 2018, we have participated in the 48 Hour Ride organized by Make-A-Wish Canada. By taking part in this challenge, we have been able to fund three children’s wishes. We are so proud of our team! In September, our team will pedal for the fifth year in a row in order to raise donations to support critically ill children and grant an additional wish!

Édition 2018

What is Make-A-Wish?

The objective of the Make-A-Wish Foundation is as simple as it is powerful: granting the wishes of critically ill children.

Causes surrounding children are particularly important to us, as we believe in their right to happiness and hope, even when faced with the most difficult challenges. Each wish granted plays an integral part in that child’s treatment. Research has shown that children whose wishes are granted are far more susceptible to have the physical and emotional strength required to fight a critical illness. By supporting Make-A-Wish, we are committing to making a difference in the lives of critically ill children by providing them with significant, happy, and memorable experiences.

Édition 2022

Our Objective for 2023

This year, we have given ourselves an ambitious objective: to reach 10 000$ in donations!

Our participation in the 48 Hour Ride for Make-A-Wish counts 3 teams, bringing together 18 people ready to take on the challenge. We will pedal continuously towards our objective with determination, knowing that every dollar raised brings us closer to granting a magical wish.

Groupe Focus Team 1: Jason Kirk (captain), Philippe Lemieux, Stéphane Lemieux, Stéphany Morin, Thomas Lemieux, Vincent Simon

Groupe Focus Team 2: Philippe Leroux (captain) Alexandra Dubé, Caroline Simard, Catherine Lalonde, Chloe Ritchie, Maxime Lacombe

Groupe Focus Team 3: Véronique Bouchard (captain), Catherine Langlois, Gabrielle Cloutier, Geneviève Blais, Jean-Simon Boucher, Tanya Timperio

Édition 2020

A Surprising Experience Every Time

Every year, our teams relay each other in order to pedal continuously for 48 hours and push through every meteorological condition imaginable. In our five years of participation, we have experienced heat waves, rainy days, freezing cold nights, wind, sunshine… this adds an element of surprise to the event, but we are ready to rise to the challenge for the children. Their critical illnesses don’t stop regardless of the weather, so our team’s commitment is unwavering, whatever mother nature may throw our way.

It is a profoundly human and unifying experience, during which our teams build strong and unique bonds. We support each other during difficult times and celebrate each km reached together. It is the occasion to create connections and memories that will live on long after the event has ended.

Beyond the 48 Hour Ride

Our commitment towards Make-A-Wish isn’t limited to the 48 Hour Ride. Throughout the year, we set up various initiatives in order to support the cause and raise funds (fundraising activities, auction, selling homemade products, etc.).

Every initiative is an opportunity to mobilize our collaborators and strengthen our team spirit while supporting a cause that is important to us. Our team is driven by a common desire to make a difference in the lives of critically ill children and grant their biggest wishes.

Thank You!

A special thank you to our partners and sponsors: Teknion, Rouillard, Julien Côté & Fils, Prio inc., Innoval, Impact Management Council Inc., The Royal Bank, Humanscale, Groupe Lacasse, Workspace 48, HODYSS, Noova Express, Perfix, and Mathieu Major Design.

Thank you as well to our friends, family, and colleagues for their continuous support. Every donation, big or small, is a step further towards granting a wish!

We are proud of our team’s involvement and we know that every effort made brings us closer to our common objective: granting wishes that will transform the lives of critically ill children. Make a difference in the lives of these children by supporting our team, and make a donation yourself!