Quebec Office Furniture: Discover Teknion at Focus

More than ever, local purchasing is at the heart of our concerns and shapes our daily decisions. In order to promote our precious local partners, Groupe Focus invites you to learn more about Teknion, our main manufacturer and the largest manufacturer of office furniture and architectural partitions in Quebec. For several reasons, Groupe Focus is proud to be able to collaborate with this loyal partner and here’s why!


A Local Company We Can be Proud Of

Drawing on its experience for over 60 years, this Canadian family business is recognized for its international leadership, both in the design, manufacturing and marketing of office furniture and architectural partitions. At the head of the company, David Feldberg fosters a corporate culture passionate about design while adopting a collaborative approach.

Teknion manufactures its products through a vertical integration of their activities. Thus, they control both the global supply chain and every element of production. In this way, they can manage quality and costs, offer personalized products and provide flexibility in the organization and delivery of orders.

In addition, by encouraging local manufacturing and by owning their own factories, Teknion not only promotes the creation of local specialized jobs since 5 of their manufacturing sites are located in Quebec, but also avoids the waste of raw materials, equipment and energy. The company also contributes to limiting greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the transportation of materials.


Cityline collection from Teknion, made in Québec.


Sustainability and Concern for the Environment

For Teknion, it is essential to make a difference for the planet and its inhabitants. As an entrepreneurial leader in the design industry, reducing their carbon footprint is at the heart of their business. They make sure to adopt practices with the least possible environmental impact.

Teknion therefore promotes sustainable processes that align with the concept of sustainability as defined by the United Nations (UN) “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.” “

In this sense, Teknion has developed several initiatives in order to progress towards their objectives of reducing carbon emissions, and their environmental performance such as:

• 100% of their wood products come from sustainably managed forests.

• Installation of two beehives on the roofs of the Toronto factory, each housing 50,000 to 70,000 bees, which are expected to produce 200 jars of honey each year.

• A textile recycling program where fabric scraps are turned into rags.

Their principle of sustainability encompasses global ecology, healthy communities, social responsibility and well-being in the community.


Innovation to Challenge the Status Quo

It is by maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit that the Teknion team succeeds in challenging the status quo. David Feldberg believes that this is the best way to innovate and activate the process of creation and ingenuity within the company. Their desire to evolve and to always do better supports them in their process of developing avant-garde designs, but which will also evolve well over time.

Despite the company’s strong growth, accessibility remains a key element in their partnerships and customer relationships.

“Understanding our customers is one of our top priorities. We are creative collaborators whose role is to listen to clients to better meet their needs, challenges and unique goals. ” – An excerpt taken from the Teknion website.


A Partner of Choice for Groupe Focus

At Groupe Focus, we are proud of our partnership with Teknion. By offering their products to our customers, we know that we are providing them with superior and durable products that will stand out in any space thanks to innovative design.

Teknion may be one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world, but the company makes sure that every project it gets meets its unique needs. In partnership with the company, Groupe Focus will be able to advise you in your choice of furniture thanks to local and sustainable products, designed to inspire and facilitate this interaction. Teknion is a guarantee of quality and a partner of choice for Groupe Focus.

For your corporate spaces, the wide range of products offered by Teknion will take your interior design to the next level. To find out more and to select your office furniture, contact the Groupe Focus advisors.

Casegoods collection from Teknion, Made in Québec.