Office Ergonomics : 3 Problems That Can Be Solved !

The increase in office ergonomics initiatives by organizations is changing and redefining workspaces.

Whether it’s to eliminate the costs related to health problems (and thus end absenteeism …), office ergonomics is a great tool to increase the well being of everyone in the workplace.

Here is a list of the 3 most frequently encountered problems office workers face everyday and some simple solutions :

1 #. You waste time searching for information on your computer

Office ergonomics is not limited to physical material. Beyond your workstation, you can organize the desktop of your computer to increase productivity and efficiency   :

  • Place shortcuts of important folders you use frequently on your desktop.
  • Use shortcuts on your keyboard rather than your mouse to limit repetitive movements, which could cause chronic pain in your joints.
  • To gain speed, do not forget the search box … this will allow you not to get lost in the meanders of your server.
  • Taking time to organize emails and other documents can help in productivity and reduce search times.Awaken the Marie Kondo who lies dormant in you!


# 2 You suffer from headaches and your eyes tire quickly

Suffering from severe migraine can affect your well-being, your social life, but also your professional life. According to a study conducted in July 2017 and presented to the Congress of the EAN (European Academy of Neurology), people with migraines, are absent on average 33 days a year. It is therefore important to take preventive measures :

  • Lower the brightness of your screens: your eyes will tire less quickly
  • Use a second screen  : place your main screen in front of you and your secondary screen to the right of the first, keep your screen an arm distance away.
  • Apply the 20-20-20 rule  : every 20 min, look at a distance of 20 feet (or 6 meters) , for 20 seconds to allow recovery time for your eyes.


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# 3 You are in a sedentary job and spend most of your day sitting

It’s proven, prolonged sitting is bad for your health. Although working in a seated position requires less muscular effort, people who work in this position are actually more exposed to musculoskeletal disorders and blood circulation problems than people performing more physically demanding tasks are. According to the British Department of Public Health (Public Heath England), every hour spent sitting, reduce our life expectancy by 22 minutes, which is twice as much as smoking does, it increase your chance to develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even early mortality. For example, the British Public Health Branch is calling for a real revolution in and suggest that employees should work for a minimum of two hours standing up per shift, to four hours. Take every opportunity to adopt the standing position   :

  • Promote the purchase of adjustable work surfaces for both you and your employees. They deserve the very best, and the return on investment will be well worth it.
  • Hold short standing meetings as much as possible. Who said that a standing rally was less formal than a traditional meeting? In addition to being beneficial to the traffic, it will give a boost of energy to your assembly and keep them awake!
  • Encourage movement … and the environment!   : Eliminate individual waste and recycling bins for collective bins. This will give workers opportunity to go ahead and move around.
  • Stretch several times a day, or standing up to take a few steps is essential to stay healthy and to stabilize your sugar and insulin levels.


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As you can see, solutions to the most common problems are within everyone’s reach. However, the office ergonomics is not limited to the few solutions listed above. It goes far beyond these few recommendations. Nothing beats the support and expertise of a team of professionals, to advise you on the layout of your workspaces. At Groupe Focus, you will find devoted and attentive specialists who will find the best solutions for your well-being and that of your talents.