Workplace Wellbeing: Why Invest in It?

72% of Canadian organizations offer their employees a workplace wellness program. Only 23% have a comprehensive, integrated & focused strategy on workplace well-being.

The trend would seem be on the rise. While yesterday’s employee was neither more nor less than the extension of the machine, today’s employee is now considered an invaluable resource, in which investing is absolutely essential. But what will be the return on investment?

Moral debt, positive impact, and increased mobilization

It’s proven. An organization for which well-being at work is a priority will see its employees develop a sense of commitment. It’s a win-win strategy.

Your employee will give back. He will not limit himself to the minimum expectations set by his contract of employment, he will be more involved and will certainly be committed to the success of the company in which he operates. Do not forget, the performance and satisfaction of your customers relies entirely on your resources. Well-being at work is the key to your success.

Better management of spending on human resources

According to Conference Board statistics:

  • $ 1.5 billion is the estimated loss of revenue for Canadian organizations due to chronic diseases
  • 86,223 cases were filed following an accident at work and accepted (Quebec)
  • 9912 cases were filed following an occupational disease and accepted (Quebec)
  • 8000 psychological harassment complaints were sent to CNESST
  • Chronic mental health or addictions issues account for almost two-thirds of disability insurance benefits in Canada.
  • 58% of Canadians say they are overworked because of the multiple roles they must take on (working, parenting, caregiving, etc.)

The numbers speak for themselves. The issue must be taken very seriously.

In fact, the health of employees is affected by two dimensions: individual and social characteristics (genetic background, education, habits and living environment …) which are factors that cannot be controlled by the manager and the characteristics related to the workplace (work atmosphere, physical environment, organizational programs and practices) on which it is essential to act. Because it’s no secret, the costs of absenteeism are particularly high. The costs of CNESST, insurance, non-performance, recruitment, and the training of new talent are all parameters to be taken into consideration.

The liberated company of today: a real power of attraction

We are currently in an era where the candidate is shopping for his employer, and not the other way around, unlike a few years ago. All the more reason to engage in the quest for well-being at work. Millennials are demanding. Salary and other financial benefits alone are no longer enough to attract talent. Innovation is required. From now on, the organization must stand out: flexible schedules, unlimited days off as proposed by certain visionary organizations, an attractive corporate culture, and above all, offering a work environment that is conducive to concentration, collaboration, and also to relaxation. Because if the form of today’s work has evolved a lot in the last 10 years, the work of tomorrow will be more cognitive, more demanding, more complex, and the stressors will be more numerous as well!

The aspiration to well-being is therefore no longer just a trend: happiness at work is an absolute priority. If the employer does not respond to this need, the talent will seek happiness elsewhere!

Well-being at work: Step out of the crowd. Stand out!

Choose, or be inspired by, the WELL certification developed by the International WELL Building Institute, the first building standard that is based on the physical and emotional well-being of the human being.

Through 7 criteria, integrating technology and design, the WELL certification guides the design of your workspaces, in high-performance business environments.

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