Impactful Spaces. The Power Of a Space Is Measured By The Impact It Creates

The impactful spaces we create at Groupe Focus are all about forging a pleasant, productive workplace. We leverage our one-of-a-kind expertise to develop office environments that change people’s lives and take businesses to the next level of their evolution.

Spaces that are practical. Different. Business-forward and people-oriented.

Spaces that are radically relevant.

At Groupe Focus, we are intent on – and passionate about – making a profound difference in our partners’ and clients’ projects. We are proud to be your go-to experts, with ideas that inspire, know-how that instils confidence, resources that empower and, every so often, a moment of insight that makes people see things in a whole new light. And we are honoured to do all of this working alongside you. The future belongs to those who see the possibilities ahead and who unite their talents.

The Focus effect is a commitment by a high-performance, multidisciplinary team whose energy and enthusiasm are matched only by their tireless dedication. A commitment from start to finish to deliver projects that transform and optimize spaces in order to contribute to the employee experience, strengthen the employer brand and spark momentum across the board.

We believe in the power of collaboration, shared ideas and joint creativity. . And we are here to bring your brainstorms to life and nurture your success. We are resolutely Focused on making sure your impact – on your staff, your customers and your partners – is positive, compelling and lasting.

We are the proud distributors of Canada’s best furniture and architectural solutions, with the industry’s most comprehensive and sustainable range of products and services.

Our job is to help you build what really matters.

And to transform your workplace into a meaningful and impactful space.