Groupe Focus launches its online store for the residential market

After more than 25 years of providing support to Quebec and Canadian companies in transforming their work spaces, Groupe Focus is now immersing into the world of the residential market. One more addition to its 360 service offer.


A move towards direct consumer sales

Faced with the increase in demand, and seizing the opportunity created by the democratization of teleworking, Groupe Focus is naturally making a shift towards online sales, with a new platform dedicated to digital commerce.

Since March 2020, a large number of professionals have had to adopt teleworking mode, without having the appropriate furniture to enable them to carry out their work in security, in an ergonomically optimal environment. Our teams have therefore worked with our manufacturing partners to develop a product offer to meet this new market.


Mainly Quebec products

Selected above all for the ingenuity of their design and the quality of their manufacturing, we have favoured furniture from Groupe Lacasse, ranging from simple or height-adjustable desks to storage modules and ergonomic work chairs. These commercial quality products are manufactured for the vast majority here in Quebec or in Canada. It was fundamental for us to favour the local economy, by putting forward products that combine design and robustness, while being affordable.

This product offering will evolve as we always work in parallel with our exceptional manufacturers to offer you a wide and ever more surprising selection.


Fast and free delivery anywhere in Quebec

An undeniable advantage, which was crucial when choosing the proposed furniture, was the manufacturing time (since most of our products are made to order) and their quick availability, in order to be able to guarantee advantageous delivery times.
In fact, we offer free shipping of our products within 15 business days, anywhere in Quebec. Our inventory will therefore allow us to quickly fit out the work spaces of many Quebecers.