Office Furniture Supplier: 5 Reasons To Choose Groupe Focus

Several factors will guide the customer’s decision when choosing a furniture supplier. Knowing that, we analyzed factors that will impact the final decision.  At Groupe Focus, we believe quality is part of the answer when it comes to customer experience. The following are 5 factors that allow us to offer an optimal experience, making us the best choice of office furniture supplier for your next project.


The Groupe Focus team is made up of more than 150 passionate professionals, all experts in their respective fields. Our success is based on a principle of mutual help and communication between our various departments. We value collaboration and each member of our big family contributes greatly to the customer experience. Our expert consultants have accumulated years of experience. Their verified expertise is a must for they will be by your side each step of the way, developing unique solutions tailored to your specific needs. Due to such valuable years of experience, our expert consultants find it important  share  their knowledge and skills with their colleagues. Thus, each of our employees contribute effectively to the development of your project. This synergy, is what allows us to meet your expectations.


Groupe Focus offers  a comprehensive range of products that can fit all requirements. From architectural partitions to auxiliary furniture and workstations, we cover all types of furniture and are able to meet all your needs. Although we partner up with different manufacturers, it is essential for Focus Group to contribute to the success of local companies. As a result, our main partners are Canadian and / or Quebec companies. On its own, our main partner Teknion employs more than 1,100 workers in Quebec. Hence, we consider ourselves privileged to represent such prestigious brands. Whether in terms of value for your money, performance, sustainability or design, we are confident in the excellence of the products we offer our customers.


Groupe Focus is more than an office furniture supplier, we have developed a range of complementary services in order to improve your experience. Here are a few:

Project planning and management

Our specialists will manage your needs, analyze your plans and technical specification of the products. If you are missing plans of your office space, our computer-assisted design department will produce them. Our team will assist mandated professionals effectively and will coordinate facilities while keeping track of your schedule.

Delivery and Installation

Groupe Focus has its own experienced and certified delivery and installation team. This undeniable advantage allows us to exercise greater control over the operational aspect of our projects. It allows us to prevent unexpected events and find solutions quickly when necessary. Our installation specialists are professional, considerate and respectful of your environment.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Groupe Focus owns more than 60,000 square feet of warehouse space for its day-to-day management of operations. This allows us to provide logistic services such as warehouse and inventory management.

Premium Used Furniture

Groupe Focus is the sole distributor in Canada to offer a space entirely dedicated to premium quality used furniture. This service allows many customers to reduce their ecological footprint by giving a second life to high quality furniture while making significant savings. Check our inventory online!


Over the course of many projects, Groupe Focus has multiplied partnerships and developed a broad network. We are proud to collaborate regularly with architectural and design firms, general contractors and project managers. We believe that each collaboration represents a new opportunity to learn, improve and share. We owe a great deal of our success to the exceptional works of our employees, this is why it is important for us to ensure their best possible experience.


It is important for Groupe Focus to promote everyone’s well-being. We believe in investing in the employee experience and the employer brand. We  take care of our employees so that, in turn, our they take care of our customers. For us, employee experience and the customer experience go hand in hand.

Our environmental policy allows us to dispose of all of our waste in an eco-friendly way. As mentioned previously, our premium used furniture center allows us to give a second life to high quality furniture. Our ecological vision is evolutionary and we are always ready to do our best to reduce damage.

Groupe Focus is committed to continually reinvest in its own resources and remaining up to date in digital advances. We contribute to building tomorrow’s work spaces,  thus trying our best to act as a pioneer of technological change.

Choosing Groupe Focus means opting for an industry leader working on thousands of projects and more than 25 years of experience. It is giving yourself access to a wide range of prestigious brands and exclusive products. It is also putting your project in the hands of 150 dedicated and capable professionals. It is choosing a supplier that understands your partners and will provide quality references as needed. It’s about encouraging a humane and responsible company focused on innovation and progress. Choosing Groupe Focus means teaming up with a long-term business partner who will understand the challenges you are facing, bring support throughout the process, and provide impactful advices.

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