POD (Privacy on Demand) is a family of products that are designed for occasional, short-duration privacy from the open plan. It supports technology and helps shape an environment where people want to work and where they feel comfortable and connected. POD’s freestanding design enables relocation and independence from building architecture, meeting company needs as they evolve. Consisting of Tek Booth and Tek Room, both solutions work together to create a diverse range of small-scale private environments. POD is backed by Teknion’s impressive finish program to allow endless color palette combinations that suit any environmental aesthetic.

Tek Booth is designed to support the individual when focus, privacy and comfort are needed from the open-plan environment. Hard external surfaces ensure sound isolation, while fabric and microperforated fascias on the interior minimize sound reflectivity. Tek Booth’s small footprint allows for seamless integration into any environment. Its mimimal size can be easily multiplied on various floorplans, ensuring office productivity is fully optimized.

Tek Room is designed to support the individual or small group when focus, privacy and comfort are needed from the open plan environment. Its universal approach to planning works with a wide variety of freestanding Teknion furniture and allows for easy reconfigurability as business needs change.

Tek Booth’s interior fully integrates power, technology and ergonomics for an overall intuitive experience. Equipped with an angled worksurface, power receptacles and a motion sensor that activates a dimmable task light and ventilation fans, Tek Booth is a space to feel comfortable and connected.

Tek Room incorporates vertically integrated central power to accommodate various ergonomic settings as well as secondary communication and technology devices. An infinitely dimmable lighting system provides a high degree of environmental control and a more personalized work experience

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