Tek Booth

The Tek Booth is the ideal place to take refuge for a few minutes away from the open area. It can accommodate technological tools and helps create a welcoming environment where occupants feel comfortable and connected. With its sound absorption and soundproofing properties, the Tek Booth provides an optimal acoustic environment.

Thanks to its self-supporting design, it moves easily and is independent of the building’s architecture, allowing it to meet the changing needs of businesses.

The interior of the Tek Booth cab is equipped with sound-absorbing pinboards and a bar height work surface perfect for laptops, shelves and telephones. Attached underneath this surface is a hook that can hold various types of bags.

The main attraction of the Tek Booth cabin is that it provides an escape from the distractions of the open area and offers an island of privacy. Its motion sensor activates a variable intensity work light and ventilation system, and its carefully designed interior provides a comfortable space perfect for making a private call or working alone.

Tek Booth combines power, technology and ergonomics into one intuitive experience. Equipped not only with power outlets, but also with a three-way work light and a motion sensor activated fan, the cabin has everything it takes to make its occupants feel comfortable and connected.

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